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How to Sign Up

Visit our "Plans & Pricing" page, purchase a membership that fits your needs, register your email address and voila, you're in!  

Which Subscription is Right for Me? 

While it is possible to knock out 4 ABEM Modules in 3 months, that really wouldn't be fun.  You will likely want to spread the first 4 out over 6-12 months, and then come back to do the second 4 Modules 5 years later.    

Best Prep Practices


  • Dedicate 1 hour per day for 1 week to go over the relevant CheetSheet in detail

  • Dedicate a single additional hour at the end of that week to quickly scan through the CheetSheets for the other modules so that you know what you have available and where to find it.  

​Audio Lectures

  • Actively following the audio lectures through your CheetSheet will create a better learning experience and help keep up your momentum.  ​

  • You can also use the audio lectures to go back through the material a second time while you're commuting or at the gym.

  • Why don't we have video lectures on MyEMCertain? 

    • Because it's too easy to veg out while sitting in front of your screen.  We want this to be an active learning experience.  

​Choose your backups:

  • ​CheetSheets are designed to be minimalistic, so its prudent to have three digital image references pulled up in the background and ready to go: 

    • one for EKG's

    • one for Derm

    • and one for Radiology  ​​

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